Alberto Orduña Castillo

Alberto Orduña Castillo is a player for the Mexico Lions (Men’s Division). Learn more about him below.

Your Full Name:

Alberto Orduña Castillo

Name of your last team / Level / Number / Position:

Chiefs/Senior amateur/27

How did you find out or get involved with Mexico Ice Hockey (Lions) and how did that all start?

I started a development league call Soy hockey league in 2018, we started with 4 teams but with a full infrastructure of developing measurement as, real time statistics, individual and by team, outcomes, calendar, refs, scoreboard, video broadcasting was our primary tool. At 2023 we were hosting 16 teams in 3 divisions, updating our infrastructure with technology, it was near to professional service. In 2022 one of the Latam Cup organizers invite me to take a team to the tournament and I did. Team Lions is just a vehicle for passionate players like me who wants to develop their game to a better level, not just beerleague. This year Federation stops our league, with no legal or moral/ethic arguments and thats it. Our program stimulates and promotes the fair game, we are against violence in any of its forms. I´ve been working at hockey wolrd after I started playing in 1993 in Mexico, 1994 I started as an asssitant and in 1996 began as a coach in Little leagues. I´m an stroger believer that Hockey can change life of those who plays it, we become in better persons tham better players, Happy people.

Hockey Nickname(s):


What’s your earliest hockey memory and what got you into hockey?

In middle 80´s, my parents take me to the rink, and I saw for the first time what a considered aerl skaters and the beauty of the figure skaters, that was my first experience and few years latter, I was advised my doctor that I should try to skate to help my ankles recovery cause I was a basketball player and ever since I never leave the ice world, coaches were awesome, from USA and Canada so, that´s how I got into hockey.

When did you fall in love with playing hockey?

Oh boy… the first time I wear my hockey equipment, it was marvelous, felt the power and the magic doing things that are not natural to do, at the beginning I didn´t understand but, my brain was full of electrical stimuli and after that, I´ve never stop feeling that way.

What do you love most about hockey?

Hockey is an endless learning process as a player, as a coach, as a person cause it comes a time when you can see the transformation of those who practice the sport and all around them and accept it as a spiritual call, amen hahaha.

If you could change one rule in hockey what would you change?

I´d change anything, as players rules allways going agains our desires and what suits us, so I think rules protects us not from rivals but from ourselves.

What’s your go-to pregame music choice?

Electronic and Rock

Do you have any pre game rituals?

Warm up, mindfulness, and gettin a higher energy possible.

Favorite meal (pre-game and just favorite all around)?

Chicken and avocado and electrolytes.

Favorite Hockey Movie?

Mystery Alaska, small community with a big hart and a culture of hockey.

Fave Non-Hockey movie?


Favorite NHL Team?

Montreal Canadiens

Favorite NHL Player?


Favorite city to travel to?

New York

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from a coach?

“Invest in your brain development and career”.

What are words you live by (favorite slogan):

The Reward Will Never Come for the things I Do, The Reward was given to Me with the Things I Have to Do.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you? Any fun hobbies, unique experiences, or amazing awards you’ve won?

Hockey is a healing machine, it not only heals those of us who had a difficult childhood but also transforms people into better human beings and I am one of those many miracles. Since I have been aware of this, I have tried to bring this message to entire players and families through this development program, which has brought me an impressive amount of good friends and rewards.