Rules and regulations

Format and schedule

– Each team will have a practice on Tuesday April 23, 2024.
– Three (3) group stage games will be played Between Apr 24-26.
– Top teams in each division will progress to the knock out rounds on April 27-28.
– Games will consist of three 15-minute stop clock periods
– Group stage games can end in a tie, knock out games will feature a 5-minute stop clock 3 on 3 sudden death overtime. will be played. If neither team scores, a three round shootout, with the home team choosing to shoot first or second will occur

Running Clock Rule

If a team is winning by five or more goals in the third period, the clock will continue to run during play stoppages, unless there is an injury or official timeout. The clock will stop for all stoppages in the first and second periods regardless of the score. Once the losing team is no longer losing by 4, the clock will return to the standard stop time format.


– Each team will receive one 60 second timeout per game. If a team uses their timeout during regulation time, they do not receive an extra timeout during overtime.
– The clock will stop on all official timeouts (such as injuries or goalie equipment issues) which are signaled by the on ice officials.

Player and Team Eligibility

– Eligible teams must have a minimum of nine (9) skaters with one (1) goalie and a
maximum of eighteen (18) skaters and two (2) goalies
– Teams must be comprised of 75% players who are citizens/permanent residents, or with parental birthright up to two generations removed, and 25% players who culturally identify as members of the representing Nation. Supporting documentation will be required for all players.
– No current top tier professional player is permitted to participate in this tournament. Former professional athletes are permitted if they are removed from the league.
– Team staff will be comprised of only 1 head coach, 2 assistant coaches, and 1 team manager per team.

Equipment Requirements

– Helmet, hockey gloves, protective cup, pants or girdle, shin guards, elbow pads, ice
hockey skates, and stick are required. Shoulder pads are strongly recommended.
– Goalies must wear all padding as required
– Uniform requirement– all players must use the same color matching uniforms with the
corresponding jersey number that appear on the previously submitted approved rosters.

Fill-in Goalies

An emergency backup goalie will be on stand by throughout the duration of the tournament.


– Minor: 2 minutes
– Double Minor: 4 minutes
– Major: 5 minutes
– Misconduct: 10 minutes
– Game Misconduct: Ejected
– Any player, including goalies, who takes four minor penalties or two majors in the same game will receive a Game Misconduct and be ejected for the remainder of the game, and may face additional suspension pending review by tournament administration.
– Players who serve a penalty for another player shall not be charged for that penalty.
– A delayed penalty which is canceled by a goal scored will be reported to the scorekeeper and recorded, and does count toward a player’s penalty total.
– Any behavior that endangers the players, participants, referees, or spectators is
intolerable and the league will immediately take action against those involved. Any player that is substance-impaired may be prevented from playing or removed from the game.
– On coincidental penalties, players will be released on the next whistle after their penalty time runs out.
– Fighting is not tolerated. Fighting will result in automatic expulsion from the tournament, and the Team’s Captain may face additional suspension
Jail Break Rule: if a team scores while score handed, the minor penalty assessed will be removed, and the short handed team awarded the goal. This does NOT apply to major penalties. 

Icing Rule Clarification

The center red line will be used for icing calls, NOT the team’s blue line.

Offsides Rule

Offsides will be called using the standard delayed offsides format (player who is early into the
zone can ‘tag up’ to get back onsides before touching the puck).

Suspensions and Unruly Players

– All game misconducts will result in an automatic one game suspension minimum (except
in the case of being ejected due to taking four penalties, under which tournament
administration will review on a case-by-case basis).
– Suspended players are not permitted at The Rink during their suspension period.
– All players who come off the players’ bench or penalty box during an altercation shall
receive a major penalty and a game misconduct, and is subject to further disciplinary
– The tournament administrators reserve the right to issue any length of suspension at any
time following any altercation.
– Players who receive game misconducts in back to back games that they participate in will
be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

Emergency Response

Certified paramedics will be on site throughout the duration of the tournament.