Chase Rutty

Chase Rutty is a player for Caribbean (Women’s). Learn more about her story below.

Your Full Name:

Chase Noelle Rutty

Name of your last team / Level / Number / Position:

Sacred Heart University NCAA D1 #22

How did you find out or get involved with Caribbean Ice Hockey and how did that all start?

Jaz Miley reached out to me and asked if I would come play in the Amerigol tournament with the team and the rest is history!

Hockey Nickname(s):


What’s your earliest hockey memory and what got you into hockey?

My mom had signed me up to be a figure skater, but I didn’t want to wear a tutu. I tricked my dad into renting me a pair of hockey skates while my mom was at work, passed the hockey skating test, and never looked back.

When did you fall in love with playing hockey?

Age 8

What do you love most about hockey?

I love the process of working hard, improving, learning new skills, and scoring goals.

If you could change one rule in hockey what would you change?

That you can’t change after your team ices the puck.

What’s your go-to pregame music choice?

J Cole

Do you have any pre game rituals?

Stickhandling, listening to music, reading a chapter from The Mindful Athlete, and doing a ten minute meditation.

Favorite meal (pre-game and just favorite all around)?

In general: Oxtail, fried plantain, rice and peas

Favorite Hockey Movie?

Mighty Ducks

Fave Non-Hockey movie?

Pursuit of Happiness

Favorite NHL Team?

New York Rangers

Favorite NHL Player?

Quinn Hughes

Favorite city to travel to?

Washington DC

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from a coach?

To focus on the process and surrender the outcome.

What are words you live by (favorite slogan):

Be where your feet are

Is there anything else you want people to know about you? Any fun hobbies, unique experiences, or amazing awards you’ve won?

Won a USA Hockey National Championship in high school.