Mathieu Courchesne

Mathieu Courchesne is a player for Egypt Ice Hockey (Men’s Division). Learn more about him below.

Your Full Name:

Mathieu Courchesne (Egyptian Mother’s name: Ishak)

Name of your last team / Level / Number / Position:

Junior A, Phoenix Richelieu, Center

How did you find out or get involved with (Egypt ice hockey) and how did that all start?

I learned about the team through my cousin Phil Tadros, who is also a member of the team. He told me about it in 2017 when they were recruiting for the upcoming Arab Cup tournament in Abu Dhabi in 2018. Phil learned about the team from his friend who plays for Lebanon. His friend mentioned that Egypt was recruiting players after an event in Montreal earlier that year.

Hockey Nickname(s):


What’s your earliest hockey memory and what got you into hockey?

Unlike most people who grew up in Quebec who start playing at a very young age, I started playing hockey a bit later, at the age of 10. Before that, I was doing judo and had to choose between hockey and judo to pursue my amateur career. I started watching the Habs (Canadiens) on TV at a very early age and could spend full days playing street hockey or ODR hockey dreaming of making it to the NHL!

When did you fall in love with playing hockey?

As soon as I put on the skates !

What do you love most about hockey?

I am passionate about hockey for its fast-paced nature, the teamwork it requires, its competitive spirit, intense gameplay, and the skills and strategies involved. Moreover, I value how hockey unites people, creating a sense of shared purpose. The camaraderie among teammates develops quickly, especially when facing adversity together.

If you could change one rule in hockey what would you change?

I would eliminate the offside rule. Many impressive goals have been disallowed due to offside calls, and I believe it slows down the pace and fluidity of the game.

What’s your go-to pregame music choice?

My preferred pregame music consists of upbeat and energizing songs that help me get pumped up and focused for the game. I find that tracks with a fast tempo and strong rhythm put me in the right mindset before hitting the ice. While I don’t always listen to music before games, when I do, I often choose EDM by artists like Martin Garrix.

Do you have any pre game rituals?

Powernap a few hours before games. Mars bar right before the start of the game.

Favorite meal (pre-game and just favorite all around)?

Habibi food ! Shish Taouk or Kofta with garlic potatoes and pita are my go-to! Good way to carbload as well.

Favorite Hockey Movie?

I don’t watch movies, I just watch hockey 😉

Fave Non-Hockey movie?

I don’t watch movies, I just watch hockey 😉

Favorite NHL Team?

Montreal Canadiens

Favorite NHL Player?

Brian Gionta was my childhood hockey idol, not just because of his size and playing style, which I could relate to, but also because of his leadership, work ethic, versatility, character, resilience, and community engagement.

Favorite city to travel to?

Anywhere with sunny beaches and a peaceful atmosphere !

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from a coach?

The most impactful advice from a coach was to prioritize continuous improvement over perfection. They stressed setting achievable goals, staying dedicated to the process, and gaining insights from both successes and setbacks. This approach has kept me motivated and resilient in various situations, whether in sports or everyday life.

What are words you live by (favorite slogan):

Do everything in love.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you? Any fun hobbies, unique experiences, or amazing awards you’ve won?

I’ve taken part in several half Ironman races and half marathons. Currently, I’m training for a full marathon. I also have a very sweet tooth and can consume a considerable amount of sugar without limits. Carb-loading is effortless for me 😂
As for unique experiences, I spent almost half a year in Singapore for a study abroad program. Traveling around Asia was a profoundly enlightening experience, revealing the beauty of the world and its people to me.